One of the biggest problems most businesses face when it comes to internet marketing is often a ”winner takes everything” type of game. This means that the very best website will get the deal and all other remaining websites will get nothing no matter how good they are in what they do…!!

If someone wants to purchase a web design service, he most probably will go to Google and types in the keywords he wants and have a look at the top 10 results and then decides to purchase something on one of those websites. That means that one website gets the deal and the others get nothing.

You can dramatically increase your sales by being just slightly better

The above has an important implication; your business should be better than your competitors to get much more sales conversions.

If you make changes from being one of those discarded websites to the website which is selected by web surfers then your sales will increase dramatically. You will make the change from getting almost nothing to everything.



Google has announced that their TV advertisers has access to the new AdWords interface and users will be able to use the old one for some time but by end of this month they will have no option but to use the new interface.

TV advertisers which are not already familiar with the new interface will want to get acquainted. They will be able to begin with watching this video.

Google says the following features will make marketing TV campaigns much easier.

– The Traffic Estimator tool is now integrated into the core campaign summary view
– Historical bid guidance will be available when researching networks and programs to add to your campaign
– New filtering capabilities allow sorting campaigns by custom dayparts, days of the week, and current bid
– Custom dayparts are much easier to build via the new drag and drop network/daypart selector

“We’re excited to finally unveil the new interface which hopefully addresses the feedback we’ve heard from our advertisers over the years,” says a post from the Google TV Ads Team. “But we’re not done yet — the new AdWords interface is built on an infrastructure that lets us develop features more quickly than in the past, so you’ll continue to see new features launched regularly in the coming months.”

Google has a microsite set up where advertisers can get better acquainted with the new interface. There are also training videos.