Many people think that low quality links or links from spam websites have a bad effect on their website ranks on Google.
The problem with spam links is that it is hard to avoid them. For example, if a competitor adds your website to a link farm network or if they spam others with your URL.

Google released an official statement regarding spam links

A few days back Google published an official statement regarding low quality links in the Google webmaster blog. Below are some main statements they made.

  1. Linking is a big part in Google ranking algorithms, but it is just one factor out of many which is been considered. Other main factors are the web page content, site structure and the keyword densities in different web page elements.
  2. If you have a high quality website and get links from many spam websites you should try to contact the spam website owners and request them to remove their links to your website. Google will not help you out with that.
  3. If the spam website webmasters are not corporative, you don’t have to be worried.. you could just focus on the links which are under your control.
  4. Google recommends that you should optimize the factors rather than influence indexing and ranking. We at extreme web analyze dozens of ranking factors which influence the position of your websites in the search results and advise you on how you have to change so that Google will list your website on top of its results page for target keywords.
  5. If you want to make sure Google gets to know about the spam links and is valuing them appropriately, you could send a report to them through their spam report or paid links report forms.

What does this mean for the rankings of your website?

Low quality links coming to you are normally from low quality websites. These web sites normally have very low Google ranks and they cannot pass much ranking power to other websites. For this reason you must not think about it too much since it is out of your control. Better focus on the following:

  • Create high quality web pages with a good website navigation and optimized web page content. Make sure that all web page elements contain the right information so that Google will list your website for the right keywords.
  • Try to get high quality links to your website. The more high quality links your website has, the less impact have links from spammy websites.

Google Docs Viewer is a very convenient way to read PDF, PPT and TIFF files online without needing to install any applications on your PC. But so far google has not made it easy to use this viewer without needing to generate a URL manually.

A Greasemonkey script automates this URL generating process by replacing all the links to PDF, PPT and TIFF files from a page inside Googles Doc Viewer. If you want to use this script you have to install Greasemonkey in Firefox or use a dev build of Google Chrome. It should also work in Opera, Safari + GreaseKit and Internet Explorer + IE7Pro.


It will be really great in future when Firefox, Chrome and other major web browsers allow users to associate different content types with web services, allowing web surfers to open KML files in Google Maps, iCal files in Google Calendar or Microsoft Office files in Google Docs.


If your country does not have a high quality map offered by Google Maps, you could improve them by using Google Map Maker.”Google Map Maker allows you to create a map by adding or editing features such as roads, businesses, parks, schools and more. Using Google Map Maker tools, you can visually mark locations and add detailed information about them. Once you have submitted content, this information may be edited by other users or moderators. Your mapping contributions on Map Maker are eventually also made available on Google Maps,” explains Google.


Google regularly updates their Google Maps with data taken from Google Map Maker, but the changes are not taken immediately. To see the latest data from Google Map Maker add this layer to Google Maps.

Google Map Maker allows users to edit the maps for 174 countries because the maps licensed by Google aren’t detailed enough.

If you would like to add a Google Map feature in your website, contact our Google Map integration experts at extreme web design sri lanka.


With the existence of hundreds of design blogs, “INSPIRATION” can be easily found. With a few simple clicks you have access to an endless supply of inspiration right at your finger tips. Inspiration can serve as a great motivation; however there is more to it. Staying motivated is a practice and requires more effort than continuously cruising for inspiration. Now that we know what inspiration is, let us learn more about motivation and how to stay motivated.

  1. Get a Good Start
    On days when you continue to sleep continuously you do not tend to be very productive. Same thing applies with web design. Getting a good start to a project will help to keep you motivated throughout the duration of the project. Do your best to make a solid effort at the beginning of every project.
  2. Do Not Overwork Yourself
    Working too much and stressing your mind a lot is indeed a way to put a screeching halt to any and all or your motivation. Constantly working too much will even affect your health. Therefore use a Timeline with every project to ensure that you have allocated enough time for the other work entitled.