Being listed with the right image for the right search term can bring the right visitors to your website. By taking a closer look at Google Image Search, we have listed below a few tips that could help you to get your images on Google’s first results page.

Why images can help you to get more visitors

Depending on your search query, Google displays several images along with the normal search results. For example, if you performed a search for the term “Graphic Design”, Google will display the search results of your query as shown below:

Google Image Search

The images can be found either at the top or in between other search results, and they will be linked to their respective web pages. For examples, if you were to click on one of those images, you will be taken to the web page which shows that particular image.

How to optimize your images so that they can be found

If you are maintaining a website about graphic designing, wouldn’t it be great if an image from your website was listed on top of the normal search results? Your website will attract more visitors, whilst increasing the popularity of your site.

There are a few steps you can take to improve the position of your images in Google Image Search: