Today, we will continue from where we left off in our previous blog post, and discuss about the Pros and Cons of working with Joomla and WordPress. As I stated previously the two heavy-weights we have decided to review today are two of the most notorious CMS systems out there: Joomla vs WordPress. Although, we have vast experience in both – each have their benefits and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages with using Joomla

Joomla Pros

• Full fledged CMS
• More powerful and robust
• Admin Users and Password protected areas
• Much more than just articles
• SEO Friendly System with plug-ins

Joomla Cons

• Bigger learning curve
• Slower loading times
• Javascript and CSS can get bulky


Advantages and Disadvantages with using WordPress

WordPress Pros

• Excellent blogging software right out of the box
• SEO Friendly right out of the box
• Easier Installation
• Friendlier graphical user interface (GUI)
• Administrate articles, comments, and blogs easier
• Lightweight and easy to use