Google has become one of the most popular starting points for majority of internet users for online activities. Google archives information about almost everything around the internet and through its search algorithms it displays the most relevant information it detects according to the search keywords entered. SEO techniques are used to bring websites to the top of ranking results page so that most of the traffic is driven in to the site with a whole range of shortcut techniques also employed to boost ranking positions.

But on the other hand, Google’s algorithms have become more intelligent and they have released the Panda Update so that spammers and seo shortcut experts  could be detected and penalized by dropping their ranks by assessment of certain techniques used. Google has set certain terms of service for website optimization and they could be found in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. any SEO strategy failing to stick by these rules will be penalized.



Quick Response Codes

Increasing the Power of Print

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) combine the power of print marketing, mobile marketing and the internet to improve response rates on printed marketing collateral. By simply taking a photo of a QR Code, a small two-dimensional bar code on print materials, smart phone users can access more information about a promotion, event or product via their web-enabled phone. Essentially, QR Codes have website links embedded in them, directing users to your desired webpage without having to type the URL in manually.

The ability to respond to a marketing piece or advertisement instantly via a mobile phone makes QR codes one of the most innovative cross-media marketing tools available.

Enjoy increased response rates with tracking capabilities to see who is responding to your QR code-enabled marketing piece. Smart analytics and custom reports will let you see response rates, location of your recipients and more.

Quick Response Code

QR Codes are ideal for:

  • Print Catalogs and Advertisements: QR codes can take readers directly to your ecommerce site or product detail, simplifying the entire order process.
  • Event Registration and RSVPs: Add QR codes to promotional pieces such as invitations and time-sensitive pieces to give recipients the ability to respond instantly and automatically add the event to their calendar.
  • Coupons: Offer virtual coupons using QR codes.
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs): Increase the response rate of your direct mail pieces by combining PURLs with QR codes.

Increase the potential of your print marketing collateral with the aid of QR codes for improved response rates and better return on investment (ROI). To learn more about how QR codes can increase the success of your next print campaign, contact us at Extreme Web by calling us at +9477-3155-222 or request a quote now!