Real estate business is one of the industries which has gained most advantage from online traffic.

Real estate is one of the businesses that have gained the most from the Internet boom. From a larger client base to better market presence, their strengths have been magnified a hundredfold simply by being online. Even today, more and more real estate professionals are putting up their own sites. Some businesses have even started and flourished entirely on the Web.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should build a website for your real estate business today.

Search engine traffic. Studies show that about 70% of buyers eventually find homes from online listings, particularly from those that turn up in online searches. That’s a figure you definitely can’t ignore. If you’re not online, search engines can’t find you, and your market is limited to the 30% who still rely on the good old local paper. Have a search engine optimization (SEO) professional take charge of the marketing so that you get more steady traffic.

Increased access to listings. Joining the online marketplace allows you to submit your site to directories and home listings, most of which have a steady following. It’s like getting free (or at least cheap) publicity on a regular basis. These sites are also run by brokers, agents, and real estate firms—the same people that make up your professional network.

Customer contact. If you’re an agent or broker, you know how important it is to maintain communication with your clients. But often, that means being in the office all day. With a website, you can set up a contact page where clients can leave you messages and update you on their status. Even if you’re not there yourself, it gives them some peace of mind knowing that they can reach your office anytime.

Cheaper advertising. Much of a real estate company’s expense goes to advertising homes in mainstream print. Often, an ad has to run for several weeks before it goes off the market. With a website, you can advertise on your own pages, complete with full-color graphics, for a fraction of the cost. You can even pull it up a notch with 3D tours and interactive displays.