What does being productive mean to you? I’m sure most people would consider for example – creating a short list of daily priorities, setting allocated time to each task, turning off distractions and then getting on with it, as a perfect start to being productive. Surprisingly there’s more to it when it comes to having an increased productivity, blocking out social media apps, or replying to emails at allocated times is not all. In fact it starts from the minute that you wake up, or even before then, when you are in the middle of a deep sleep cycle.

Do you know someone who manages to go to the gym, go running or fits in a few lengths in the swimming pool before work? Well they are some of the more switched on and productive people who has better chances of achieving more and completing more tasks.

Even before we even sit down at our desks there are many ways which we plunge into and place ourselves to ruin our productivity. Do any of these sound familiar?