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Making a statement that your visitors will remember through your website content writing is one of the main things that you want as a website owner. Visitors should feel the purpose and have a attraction towards your site, whether your target is to inspire them or encourage them to take action. You can achieve that message through having a strong website copy. Here are some tips that will come in handy when writing your site’s page copy.

Illustrate Your Audience

Know your audience; this is the first step you have to learn before you resolve on what you say. Trying to talk to everyone is a straight up negative, or you will finally have not talked to anyone if you try to do this. Rather have a spotlight on the bulk of your website visitors.

Run through the 80/20 rule in marketing which says that 20 percent of your visitors are responsible for 80 percent of your sales, amazing aren’t it. With that in mind let’s focus on the 20 percent that have a greater probability in taking action. Acknowledge demographics like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Family status
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Income

Questions like, what is your audience motivated by? How does all of this affect their decision-making process? May pop into your mind, well if you take all of this into consideration delivering your product and goal to your audience with a clear idea which is on point will only result in strategic advantages.

Tip: Never assume that you know your audience. Do some research on old data to see who really cooperates with you? Are you a freshman just starting up? Don’t stress if you don’t have data to go back and refer to, have a look at the competitors’ audiences and sort out who your followers will be.

Be Direct; know their issues, Connect with the reader

New website owners often get this part very wrong; by rationalizing that the site should be all about them, it should not by any means be ALL about you it should be about your customers, addressing their problems and giving solutions to solve it.

Don’t say this: “We’re a Colombo-based florist known for our quick delivery times.”

Say this: “Get your flowers delivered anywhere in Colombo under two hours.”

Both of these sentences may serve the same purpose of conveying the message that deliveries within Miami will be fast, the second way just gives the reader a sense of priority.

Readers will always have an inquiry in mind, “What’s in it for me?” and “How will this solve my problem?” so answer those questions for them in your website copy with the benefits that you offer to grab attention and make them stay.

Keep Content Writing simple

Shorter copy will achieve better with visitors; Yes, there is a hinge on how longer content execute better on search engines but it doesn’t have to be this way all the time on your website copy.

Make your ideas clear to comprehend, be precise and simple. A long essay which leads to nowhere will only be pointless.

Your website copy should answer questions like:

  • What is the offer?
  • Who is the offer for?
  • What makes you different?
  • What’s the cost?
  • Why is this credible?
  • How do I take action?

Remember; make your reader the priority. Sure you can add small info that matters like if your company has been in the wine-making business for 200 years because it adds to credibility but preferably keep that for your about page. Choose your content writing wisely. Don’t consume your whole home page and services page copy discussing the history of your business—unless it’s going to help you convert visitors, it’s simply a waste.

Trying to explain every detail to your reader and why they should get for example, a good wedding photographer will pack your site copy and make the readers complicated and not to mention reducing the impact of your message. Save all these explanations to educate your visitors for your blog posts.

When someone is already on your site it means that they are in need of services like yours, but don’t get ahead yet since they are not ready to buy from you still. Therefore, it’s your task to convince them that you’re the ones that they are in search of.

Target on what they need to know in order to make a buying decision. Note: Don’t forget to cover yourself with disclaimers whenever necessary.

Advise Readers on What’s Next

After you’ve secured your audience’s attention, guide them to take an action, such as by purchasing your product or contacting you for a consultation. Grab their attention through bold calls-to-action that will converse to their wants and needs.

For example, let’s say that you’re a company selling beauty products for clear skin. Your customers’ main desire will be of course, clear, beautiful skin. In advantage of this common motive you might say, “Get Clear Skin Today,” or, “Start Your Journey to Clear Skin.” Then, link to your product page where they can see your skin products.

If you have an alluring offer, don’t let that just hide in the background highlight and use that to drive customers into action. For example, you might say, “Claim Your Free Sample Package.” This will directly lead interested customers into sales without any trouble, use calls to action like this.

Remember that any Page can Lead People to Your Site.

Last but not least, mind that mostly about 40% of your visitors will start on your homepage. Blog posts and links will lead 60% to other landing pages on your site.

Switching up the wording will help for you’ll have to repeat important information on certain points at multiple pages, and will not be a problem for those who are browsing several pages of your site, also don’t forget that not everyone will trek in the same path through your site, so accustom your copy for that.

Efficient and impressive website content writing isn’t that much of a problem. Keep these tips in mind and get going, don’t be constrained too, test up different versions of your copy and see which works best with your audience.

Do not have time to write your own website copy writing? Contact us and we can help with all your content writing requirements.

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