Google Docs Viewer is a very convenient way to read PDF, PPT and TIFF files online without needing to install any applications on your PC. But so far google has not made it easy to use this viewer without needing to generate a URL manually.

A Greasemonkey script automates this URL generating process by replacing all the links to PDF, PPT and TIFF files from a page inside Googles Doc Viewer. If you want to use this script you have to install Greasemonkey in Firefox or use a dev build of Google Chrome. It should also work in Opera, Safari + GreaseKit and Internet Explorer + IE7Pro.


It will be really great in future when Firefox, Chrome and other major web browsers allow users to associate different content types with web services, allowing web surfers to open KML files in Google Maps, iCal files in Google Calendar or Microsoft Office files in Google Docs.

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