Visitors will come to your website, but will they stay? and will they purchase anything from you? Your goal is to drive visitors to your website with the right web design and then increase your sales conversion rate while reducing your bounce rate. Below are some very useful tips on how to make that realistic

  1. Teach them and they will stay – If there is something useful for your visitors to learn, something of interest then your visitors will stay on your site. Then again if you have boring outdated content don’t be surprized when they leave your site quickly. You should not be filling your pages with all kinds of jargon because that will also send your visitors away.
  2. Have a site map – this will make navigation easy and visitors could find what they want quite fast.  Search engine bots also like sitemaps and they will index your content quite nicely.
  3. Add a blog – adding a blog to your site seems to be the latest tend and rightfully so. Its easy to add a blog into your site and keep blogging, this will build up your sites overall content and more the content you have the better it will be.
  4. Its time you get fresh – this means that your website contents need to be updated quite regularly and if its relevant it need to be up to date with the latest trends and whats happening in the world.
  5. Pictures and descriptions of your product / service – if you are marketing a product or service then you must include pictures of each item along with a description.  The descriptions you write should be catchy and it should have a call to action to convert sales.

By doing the above 5 simple things in your website you could increase your conversion rates and isn’t that what you want?

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Real estate business is one of the industries which has gained most advantage from online traffic.

Real estate is one of the businesses that have gained the most from the Internet boom. From a larger client base to better market presence, their strengths have been magnified a hundredfold simply by being online. Even today, more and more real estate professionals are putting up their own sites. Some businesses have even started and flourished entirely on the Web.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should build a website for your real estate business today.

Search engine traffic. Studies show that about 70% of buyers eventually find homes from online listings, particularly from those that turn up in online searches. That’s a figure you definitely can’t ignore. If you’re not online, search engines can’t find you, and your market is limited to the 30% who still rely on the good old local paper. Have a search engine optimization (SEO) professional take charge of the marketing so that you get more steady traffic.

Increased access to listings. Joining the online marketplace allows you to submit your site to directories and home listings, most of which have a steady following. It’s like getting free (or at least cheap) publicity on a regular basis. These sites are also run by brokers, agents, and real estate firms—the same people that make up your professional network.

Customer contact. If you’re an agent or broker, you know how important it is to maintain communication with your clients. But often, that means being in the office all day. With a website, you can set up a contact page where clients can leave you messages and update you on their status. Even if you’re not there yourself, it gives them some peace of mind knowing that they can reach your office anytime.

Cheaper advertising. Much of a real estate company’s expense goes to advertising homes in mainstream print. Often, an ad has to run for several weeks before it goes off the market. With a website, you can advertise on your own pages, complete with full-color graphics, for a fraction of the cost. You can even pull it up a notch with 3D tours and interactive displays.


2011 has been a very busy year for Google. A lot has changed and if you want to get more visitors to your website, you need to keep up with the latest updates. Below are the most important updates you should keep in mind.

Low quality websites are filtered

Google released many updates in ranking algorithms recently which tried to filter low quality websites from their search results.

Scraper websites or any website which has low quality content does not get high ranks anymore. Because of these changes in the latest Google algorithm changes, some sites have experienced a traffic drop of  70% or more.

To do: don’t try to promote your website with quick-fix solutions. Quality is more important than quantity.

Search has become social

Social impressions like the amount of Google +1 clicks, tweets and Facebook mentions now influence the position of websites on Google search result pages.

To do: add social sharing buttons to your website and encourage your website visitors to mention your website on social networks.

Search results are more than just links

most of the web pages shown on Google shows more than a list of 10 web pages. Search results not includes images, news and local information etc..

To do: use a holistic approach to promote your website: optimize the content of your web pages, get good backlinks to your website, offer local services, submit videos about your business to Google to make sure that your website gets listed in all possible places on Google’s result page.

Page speed has become a ranking signal

Web surfers tend to be more happier if they get what they want quickly as possible. Even though website speed is only a minor factor in Googles ranking algorithms, it makes sense to optimize the loading speed and performance in your website.

To do: make sure that your web design and web development is done properly to load as quickly as possible.

It’s not just Google: Yahoo/Bing is getting more important

Although we all know that Google has the biggest market share, Yahoo and Bing has a combined market share of 33%. So if you are not getting 33% of traffic from Yahoo and Bing you should start to optimize your website for these search engines as well.

To do: if you want to get 33% more visitors, optimize some of your pages for Yahoo/Bing.

A lot of things have changed recently and we continually update our optimization techniques and be up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes.  If you need help to optimize your website feel free to contact us at info@extreme.web.lk or call us at +94773155222 to speak to one of our seo consultants.


Google has become one of the most popular starting points for majority of internet users for online activities. Google archives information about almost everything around the internet and through its search algorithms it displays the most relevant information it detects according to the search keywords entered. SEO techniques are used to bring websites to the top of ranking results page so that most of the traffic is driven in to the site with a whole range of shortcut techniques also employed to boost ranking positions.

But on the other hand, Google’s algorithms have become more intelligent and they have released the Panda Update so that spammers and seo shortcut experts  could be detected and penalized by dropping their ranks by assessment of certain techniques used. Google has set certain terms of service for website optimization and they could be found in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. any SEO strategy failing to stick by these rules will be penalized.



Quick Response Codes

Increasing the Power of Print

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) combine the power of print marketing, mobile marketing and the internet to improve response rates on printed marketing collateral. By simply taking a photo of a QR Code, a small two-dimensional bar code on print materials, smart phone users can access more information about a promotion, event or product via their web-enabled phone. Essentially, QR Codes have website links embedded in them, directing users to your desired webpage without having to type the URL in manually.

The ability to respond to a marketing piece or advertisement instantly via a mobile phone makes QR codes one of the most innovative cross-media marketing tools available.

Enjoy increased response rates with tracking capabilities to see who is responding to your QR code-enabled marketing piece. Smart analytics and custom reports will let you see response rates, location of your recipients and more.

Quick Response Code

QR Codes are ideal for:

  • Print Catalogs and Advertisements: QR codes can take readers directly to your ecommerce site or product detail, simplifying the entire order process.
  • Event Registration and RSVPs: Add QR codes to promotional pieces such as invitations and time-sensitive pieces to give recipients the ability to respond instantly and automatically add the event to their calendar.
  • Coupons: Offer virtual coupons using QR codes.
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs): Increase the response rate of your direct mail pieces by combining PURLs with QR codes.

Increase the potential of your print marketing collateral with the aid of QR codes for improved response rates and better return on investment (ROI). To learn more about how QR codes can increase the success of your next print campaign, contact us at Extreme Web by calling us at +9477-3155-222 or request a quote now!


If you need to get more visitors to your website its very important that you get on top of Google’s first results page.  How long does it take to get listed on Google’s first result page? There are four factors that influence the process.

search engine optimization speed

1. Trust: old websites have an advantage

It takes some time until Google shows new websites in the search results. Although you can submit your website to Google, Google will only index your website if other websites link to your site.

You have to earn Google’s trust before your website will get lasting high rankings. A new website can get good rankings for less competitive keywords but it usually takes about 6 months to gain the minimum level of trust that is necessary to get high rankings.

2. Optimization: make it easy to parse your pages

It can be relatively easy to get top rankings on search engines if you have an established website that blocked Google by mistake (a broken robots.txt file or problems with the website navigation).

But you need to make sure that it is as easy as possible for search engines to index your web pages. The better search engines can parse your pages, the more likely it is that your web pages will be added to the index.

Optimize the content of your web pages to make sure that your pages will be found for the right keywords.

3. Keywords and competitors: it’s not good to compete with Amazon

The keywords that you target are a very important factor. The more competitive your keywords are, the longer you have to wait and the more backlinks you need.

If the websites that are ranked in the top 10 results for your keyword all have thousands of backlinks and thousands of pages then it’s not likely that your website will be able to get in the top 10 results if it has 10 backlinks and 20 pages.

Start with very targeted multiple word keyphrases and then proceed to the more competitive keywords when your website has good content and inbound links.

4. Backlinks: the better the links, the faster your site will be listed

The more backlinks a website has, the quicker Google will pick up the changes on your website. If your website has great content but only a few backlinks, then it won’t get high rankings.

High rankings on Google take some time. You have to optimize your web pages and you have to get good inbound links. Without these two factors, it is not possible to get high rankings on Google.

The number of inbound links is a very important factor. If you have optimized web pages but no links, then you have to build these links and you have to wait longer. If your website has a lot of inbound links then you will get high rankings quickly if you optimize your pages.

If you need help in optimizing your website for search engines, contact us at extreme web. We will take care of your problems


If you’ve ever used Google’s Page Speed or Yahoo’s YSlow to optimize your website chances are you’ve seen a suggestion to “use CSS sprites.” CSS sprites reduce HTTP requests by combining multiple images into a single file which you can then display throughout your page, positioning it as need with the CSS background-position property.

Typically sprites are used for small images — like icon sets or small logo images — though you can use them for larger images as well.

The only problem with sprites is that creating them can be a hassle, particularly if you need a rather large sprite, say all the icons in an online game. Opening dozens of tiny icon images and pasting them into a single document is time-consuming. Fortunately there’s the CSS Sprite Generator, which takes a zipped file of all your images and gives you a single image sprite.

The CSS Sprite Generator even has options to fix a bug in older version of Opera, resize the width and height of the input images and generate CSS classes to apply your sprites to the right elements.


The popular blog publishing tool WordPress has joined the growing cadre of sites dropping support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 web browser. The recently upgraded WordPress.com brings a handful of new features and a revamped, cleaner design in the admin pages, but perhaps the biggest news in the release is that the admin pages no longer support IE 6.

Users visiting the admin section of WordPress.com with IE 6 will now see a message to upgrade their browser (the same message will appear in the self-hosted WordPress 3.2 when it is released in June). The WordPress blog says it’s dropping IE 6 because, “it has required increasingly complex code trickery to make the WordPress dashboard work in the IE 6 browser, which was introduced 10 years ago and does not support current web standards.”

WordPress is just the latest in a long list of sites that have abandoned IE 6, including Gmail, YouTube, Basecamp and hundreds of others.

Indeed you’d be hard pressed to find a web developer who wants to keep supporting IE 6. Even Microsoft has set up a website that essentially dances on the grave of IE 6 (after WordPress announced it would drop IE 6, Microsoft actually said “thank you WordPress“).

However, according to Net Applications, IE 6 still has almost 12 percent user share worldwide. In the U.S. the number is just under 3 percent, but in China it’s still nearly 35 percent.

Compounding the problem are the number of corporate intranets that require IE 6. Microsoft is hard at work trying to convince large corporations to upgrade — if you’re still using IE 6, that means you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7, which is Microsoft’s real goal with the kill IE 6 campaign — but for Microsoft’s biggest customers, upgrading means investing millions of dollars in new infrastructure.

While developers may enjoy dropping IE 6 because of its subpar support for web standards, for end users that’s generally not a concern. What is, or at least should be, the bigger concern for users is that IE 6 is less secure.

If you’re part of the tiny segment of users that can — but haven’t — upgraded from IE 6, we suggest doing so. Grab a copy of Firefox or Chrome and join the modern web.


Earth Hour

Mar 27, Colombo: Sri Lanka will join 4,000 cities around the world and plunge into darkness on Saturday for an hour at 8:30 p.m. local time to observe the “Earth Hour”.

Sri Lanka is joining the major global awareness campaign to reduce green house emissions for the first time and Extreme Web proudly sponsors the web and online awareness campaigns.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by the World Wildlife Fund is held on the last Saturday of March annually to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change and global warming.

An Associated Press report said the Sydney Opera House was one of the first landmarks to turn off the lights on Saturday and Asian cities followed Australia and New Zealand in turning lights off.

Landmarks in all over the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York and the famous Las Vegas strip will go dark to observe the Earth Hour.


Many website owners have this issue that their SEO efforts not delivering the expected outcome. Do you know why your campaigns are under-performing? Do you know what you can do to make sure that the search engine optimization efforts your put works?

There could be many reasons why your SEO efforts are not a success as yet…!!

Reason 1: you might have set the wrong goals

If your website already does not have any high rankings then you should not expect Google to display your site on the first search results page for keywords such as “travel” or other very competitive single work keywords.

First you need to start with a very targeted key phrase. you need to optimize your web pages for different lower competition keywords. If you get higher ranks for low competition keywords its more likely that your website will get high ranks for more competitive keywords gradually which belongs to the same topic since Google measures a sites topical relevance.

Its something like running a marathon, you need to first run the smaller distance before you can run the whole 38 miles and 428 yards.

Reason 2: you don’t take SEO seriously

SEO is not a set and forget it thing…!! it takes time to get things happening. SEO is a long term investment for your business and it should be treated like that.

If all what you do is submit your site to search engine to “promote” your website then you wont be successful. you need to invest your effort and time to optimize your website.

Reason 3: you focus on the wrong elements

Some website owners totally focus on the length of their website title tags while others try to submit their site very often to search engines. Some website owners think that some parts of their website should have the rel=nofollow attributes.

You really do not have to chase after the new search engine optimization trendz. Normally the new trend topics makes a difference for positions in-between such as 5 and 6 . if your website is not listed at least for one keyword all you need to do is get the basics right.

The very important things to consider is create good quality content web pages and good back links if you want to come to the top search results. If you need assistance we could help with seo consulting.

Reason 4: you chose the wrong keywords

This is a very common mistake which website owners do. if you choose the wrong keywords you are going to waste lots of effort, time and money..!!

The most suitable keywords for your website are not the ones which brings a lot of traffic. The best keywords are those which would bring in targeted visitors who would buy your products or services you plan to offer on your website. It does not matter if some keywords bring hundreds of visitors but none of them buys anything its no good for your investment.

Reason 5: you get the wrong links

if you want to get top ranks on Google your website should have good back links. Automatic links from link building schemes don’t work. Actually, that kind of links can even get you in trouble with Google.

You must get the right kind of backlinks to succeed. We could help you on web design & build natural links to improve your search engine ranks, contact us for more details.

Search engine optimization can contribute greatly to the success of your website. It’s important that you do the right things in the right order and that you focus on the right elements.