Many website owners have this issue that their SEO efforts not delivering the expected outcome. Do you know why your campaigns are under-performing? Do you know what you can do to make sure that the search engine optimization efforts your put works?

There could be many reasons why your SEO efforts are not a success as yet…!!

Reason 1: you might have set the wrong goals

If your website already does not have any high rankings then you should not expect Google to display your site on the first search results page for keywords such as “travel” or other very competitive single work keywords.

First you need to start with a very targeted key phrase. you need to optimize your web pages for different lower competition keywords. If you get higher ranks for low competition keywords its more likely that your website will get high ranks for more competitive keywords gradually which belongs to the same topic since Google measures a sites topical relevance.

Its something like running a marathon, you need to first run the smaller distance before you can run the whole 38 miles and 428 yards.

Reason 2: you don’t take SEO seriously

SEO is not a set and forget it thing…!! it takes time to get things happening. SEO is a long term investment for your business and it should be treated like that.

If all what you do is submit your site to search engine to “promote” your website then you wont be successful. you need to invest your effort and time to optimize your website.

Reason 3: you focus on the wrong elements

Some website owners totally focus on the length of their website title tags while others try to submit their site very often to search engines. Some website owners think that some parts of their website should have the rel=nofollow attributes.

You really do not have to chase after the new search engine optimization trendz. Normally the new trend topics makes a difference for positions in-between such as 5 and 6 . if your website is not listed at least for one keyword all you need to do is get the basics right.

The very important things to consider is create good quality content web pages and good back links if you want to come to the top search results. If you need assistance we could help with seo consulting.

Reason 4: you chose the wrong keywords

This is a very common mistake which website owners do. if you choose the wrong keywords you are going to waste lots of effort, time and money..!!

The most suitable keywords for your website are not the ones which brings a lot of traffic. The best keywords are those which would bring in targeted visitors who would buy your products or services you plan to offer on your website. It does not matter if some keywords bring hundreds of visitors but none of them buys anything its no good for your investment.

Reason 5: you get the wrong links

if you want to get top ranks on Google your website should have good back links. Automatic links from link building schemes don’t work. Actually, that kind of links can even get you in trouble with Google.

You must get the right kind of backlinks to succeed. We could help you on web design & build natural links to improve your search engine ranks, contact us for more details.

Search engine optimization can contribute greatly to the success of your website. It’s important that you do the right things in the right order and that you focus on the right elements.

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  1. The tips that you’ve given is a very useful tool. I’ll base on your tips in doing some SEO work on any website. Thank you for the tips, it can help enhance my SEO search engine skills.