Google has become one of the most popular starting points for majority of internet users for online activities. Google archives information about almost everything around the internet and through its search algorithms it displays the most relevant information it detects according to the search keywords entered. SEO techniques are used to bring websites to the top of ranking results page so that most of the traffic is driven in to the site with a whole range of shortcut techniques also employed to boost ranking positions.

But on the other hand, Google’s algorithms have become more intelligent and they have released the Panda Update so that spammers and seo shortcut experts  could be detected and penalized by dropping their ranks by assessment of certain techniques used. Google has set certain terms of service for website optimization and they could be found in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. any SEO strategy failing to stick by these rules will be penalized.

Google Penalties for those who do not follow guidelines set.

Domain Level Redundancy:
Duplicated websites are one of the biggest causes of getting penalized. If a website DNS is pointed from various domains to a single web directory which causes each domain to display exactly the same contents and Google detects it, then Google penalizes and a trademark suspension is imposed.

Content Redundancy:
Using the same content on multiple websites or web pages usually triggers a content duplication penalty. Even if you copy someone else’s content or if someone else copies yours then it could trigger a penalty because automated algorithms cannot detect who owns the original content. in this event the authority of content is lost even of the index page if duplicated content is substantial.

Sub domain Issues:
Sub domains could not be considered as if they were content of the primary website. It should have its own content and structures could not be shared from the primary site. penalties are imposed if the sub domains are not being implemented properly as separate domains and used for boosting the rank in search results.

Issue of Bad Neighbors:
Penalties are triggered according to the reputation of the websites your website is linked to. Spam websites, doorway pages, link farms and other sites with explicit content are included in the bad neighbors. Link farms are basically websites without any relevant content but just links to other websites.

Linking with Google Banned Websites:
If you are linking to websites which are banned by Google, then they assume that you are supporting those websites and penalize.
There are loads of other penalties Google impose which everyone has to avoid doing. therefore you should try not to implement those SEO techniques and strictly abide to Google terms of service.

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