Even today, global Search Engine Optimization continues to be an unexploited arena for many international brands. Reports from Oban Multilingual suggest that over 70% of all internet search queries are not in English.

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Therefore, it is imperative that you keep yourself updated with the latest SEO strategies if you wish to stay ahead of the rest. Below are some of the international SEO best strategies and tips for global search engine optimization which we have gathered for your reference:

1. Use Local Domain extensions
The most effective strategy for international SEO is yet the most obvious one. For example, if you are trying to optimize your website for Google.lk and your domain has a .lk extension, you will have a great advantage. In addition to the domain extension, Google might also look at the IP address location of your server, in order to determine the geographical relevance of your website.

2. Translation alone is not sufficient
A lot of people assume that a word-for-word Google translation of existing website content will result in a high ranking on international SERP’s. However, those who have read a word-for-word translation from another language to English realize that this is not a very feasible idea. Although this technique might get you into the SERP’s, chances are of you converting your visitors into customers are slim to none.

3. Get links from International Domains
For example, if your website consisted of a good variety of incoming links from many domain extensions (.ca, .fr, .co.uk, .cn), Google will then start to identify your website on the non-US versions of Google.

4. Links to International Domains
Although this step will not directly help you to improve rankings, it will at least show that you are participating in a global community by linking your website to international sources.

5. Keyword + Country Landing pages
According to our research, we’ve found that searchers at times will perform a keyword search and append their country name to it. (e.g. “hotels lk”) By optimizing a landing page for this combination, you can start ranking for the terms.

6. Perform International Keyword Research
Getting your keyword suggestions and counts from keyword tools which only show US results does not make any sense at all. Therefore, you should use SEO keyword tools that not only allow you to get keyword data from the US, but also from various other countries as well.

7. Know and understand the Local Lingo
Any person who has traveled to different English speaking countries will notice that there are some significant differences in local lingo. For example, the word “store” is more often used in the US as opposed to the word “shop” which is widely used in many European countries.

8. Take into account the Local Search Engines
Although google.com is still the leading number #1 search engine internationally, there are some local engines such as Voila in France, Yandex in Russia, or Ansearch in Australia which are very popular among its local users. If you intend on targeting a certain local audience, it would prove to be quite useful to understand the algorithms of other engines besides Google.

The internet has now made the world a smaller place. We predict that in the near future, many forward-thinking companies will look to gain immense benefits from world-wide search traffic, and not just limiting it to their own country.

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