Over the next couple of days we will be discussing about the different ways of finding the latest trends and search engine keywords in order to let you focus more on your site’s content, advertising, and affiliate links; hence improve your site’s conversion.

There are various resources and tools to help you find what people are currently searching, buying, and doing. You can use these methods for not only improving your site so that it comes up better in searches if you optimize your website for targeted keywords, but you can also use it to come up with the most searched for topics, thus increasing the potential traffic to your website.

Using Google Trends


With Google Trends, you can find the latest searches for each day. For each search term you enter, Google Trends will analyze a portion of Google web searches for that particular term you entered, relative to the total number of searches performed on Google over a period of time. It then shows you a graph with the results (known as the Search-Volume graph).

Top cities, regions, and languages in which people performed searches for that search term you entered can also be found just below the Search-Volume graph.

Hot Trends; another feature of Google Trends shows the most current search terms which people search for on Google today. Instead of showing the overall most popular search terms, Hot Trends displays searches that have suddenly grown in popularity.

Related search terms, a Search-Volume graph, and a list of top cities will be shown for each search. News, blogs, and various web results will also be displayed to help you understand as to the reasons for a search to appear on the Hot Trends list today. While Hot Trends is updated on an hourly basis, you can also make use of it to see what the Hot Trends were for a particular date in the past.

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