Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a method which all major search engines use. Do you think that your website has taken this into consideration? How does it effect the ranking of your web pages in Search Engines such as Google?

What is latent semantic indexing?

LSI is the way search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing associate your website with certain terms to concepts when indexing your website. For example, Paris and Hilton are associated with a woman instead of a city and a hotel, Tiger and Woods are associated with golf.

To find out what keywords are related to a certain keyword, type in a  keyword and add a tilde in front of it. Then Google will mark the related keywords in bold text in the search results page returned. It seems that Google finds the word “Nokia” related to “phone”.

How can Google match keywords with certain concepts?

Google has billions of web pages in its index. If Google finds that many web pages contain both the word Paris and the word Hilton then Google might assume that these keywords are related. The other words on these pages could give Google a hint that this special word combination is about a woman.

Words that frequently appear very close to each other could get a tighter connection. Google has a lot of data that allows them to calculate the relation between different words.

What does this mean for the position of your web pages in Google’s search results?

If you want to be listed for certain keywords, you must show Google that your website is relevant to a certain topic. There are several things that you can do to increase the relevancy of your website for a topic:

1. Optimize different individual web pages of your website for different keywords
2. Get links from semantically relevant pages
3. Use a meaningful site architecture
4. Find out why other pages rank higher than yours

Don’t focus on a single keyword when optimizing your web pages. If you want to prepare your website for advanced search engine algorithms then you have to create a website that has been optimized for many different but related search terms.

In addition, it’s important that the links to your website come from topically related pages so that search engines put your website in the right context. Our website optimization consultants in Sri Lanka can help you with both. If you need any help fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you for a free consultation or call us at 0094-11-5050-939

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