If you’re a pro user of Gmail, then the 15 GB of space you have tends to fill up quite fast! Now that that space is also shared with Google Drive and Google+ Photos too, even light users are destined to run out of space at some point.

So what can you do to free up some space?

To start with, you can delete any multimedia files that came long ago as attachments, by simply searching for filename: mp3 or filename: mov. Or, to find all types of files, open the drop down menu and select the “has attachment” option. Since Gmail allows for a maximum of 25MB attachments, this can contribute to a major part of cleaning up your account.

how to clean up gmail space

Next, you could delete any ancient emails that haven’t seen the light of day for years; literally! Enter older_than:2y into the search bar to find all emails older than two years. Select them all, then hit the delete button. Bam: more free storage space.

If you want to delete all emails larger than a specific size, then there is a query for that too: enter larger:5m in to the search bar to find all emails larger than 5 MB. Of course, you can also always use multiple query’s to search for more specific emails: For example, larger:5m older_than:6m will list the emails that are larger than 5 MB and older than 6 months.

Finally, if you simply cannot delete any of your emails, you can always save a local copy of your emails on your computer, by switching on POP or IMAP through the settings page, and routing your emails into your desktop program of choice, and saving or exporting them as required.

Hopefully, by now you should have free up vast amounts of space in Gmail, and should be good to go!

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