Continuing where we left off in our previous blog post, let’s take a look now at the next few Blog tips that will Help You Succeed in 2010:


14. Remember to add an author section to your blog posts – No one would want to read an article posted by a face-less author, or one which does not have a name either.

15. Forget about the stats and numbers – Instead of spending valuable time checking the stats of traffic to your blog, focus that time on something more productive, like writing new blog posts instead.

16. Don’t think about making money – This can lead to you losing sight of the most important goal every new blog must reach first, which is quality content. Instead of posting hundreds of affiliate links and self-promotional articles, focus more on the content of your articles. Money can be a driving force but don’t let it ruin your blog.

17. Write eye-catching headlines – You can effectively complete over half the percentage of your blog’s advertising with just one single attractive headline. An important point to take note here is to avoid the most commonly used and generic blog titles and always attempt to come up with titles that are unique and thought-provoking.

18. Guest post – Go ahead, don’t feel intimidated to submit your articles to other reputable blogs.

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