Visitors will come to your website, but will they stay? and will they purchase anything from you? Your goal is to drive visitors to your website with the right web design and then increase your sales conversion rate while reducing your bounce rate. Below are some very useful tips on how to make that realistic

  1. Teach them and they will stay – If there is something useful for your visitors to learn, something of interest then your visitors will stay on your site. Then again if you have boring outdated content don’t be surprized when they leave your site quickly. You should not be filling your pages with all kinds of jargon because that will also send your visitors away.
  2. Have a site map – this will make navigation easy and visitors could find what they want quite fast.  Search engine bots also like sitemaps and they will index your content quite nicely.
  3. Add a blog – adding a blog to your site seems to be the latest tend and rightfully so. Its easy to add a blog into your site and keep blogging, this will build up your sites overall content and more the content you have the better it will be.
  4. Its time you get fresh – this means that your website contents need to be updated quite regularly and if its relevant it need to be up to date with the latest trends and whats happening in the world.
  5. Pictures and descriptions of your product / service – if you are marketing a product or service then you must include pictures of each item along with a description.  The descriptions you write should be catchy and it should have a call to action to convert sales.

By doing the above 5 simple things in your website you could increase your conversion rates and isn’t that what you want?

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  1. Web design is such a creative task that one need to do with creativity and uniqueness that compell the user to drive in tour website and take our service . You have discussed good steps regarding the same . please share some more measures.