Having compelling, quality content on your websites in one of the most effective ways to improve and increase the number of search engine visibility, but duplicated content copied from other websites will do the opposite of all SEO efforts to get ranked on top of search engines.

Having content what appears on multiple web sites will have an negative impact on a businesses search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. But if your web sites content starts appearing in lots of other web sites, then the major search engines might penalize your web site for duplicate content. This can have a big negative effect on your search engine rankings and down rank your spot on search engines.

Some companies do want their content to be appearing in multiple sites to increase their visibility and go viral and be linked in very reputable places like Amazon.com to increase their web site visitors. This is something which can occur when creating compelling unique content is composed.

This kind or viral marketing comes when humans write quality content which is aimed at humans rather than search engine spiders.

By writing unique content it will attract more readers, and your web site will have a much better probability of getting linked on sites like Digg or Reddit or been spoken about in social media sites like Twitter.

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