Recently the Opera Development Center has dived head first to the complexities of CSS3:target option, along with a tutorial which shows an example of how :target option couls be used in order to trigger fades and animations without using any special JavaScripts which is quite interesting.

The end result is a sliding series of animated transitions which moves and fades in and out as you click menu links. All this is done with pure CSS without a single line of JavaScript used.

But of course it has a catch – This example works only on Opera Browser…!!

The biggest issue with the :target option is that a problem in WebKit prevents it from functioning on Chrome and Safari web browsers. The opera tutorial has a solution to this with a media query that unfortunately applies to Gecko, so the example really works only in Opera.

While that is more than enough to stop the majority of developers from using:target, this tutorial is nevertheless a good glimpse of what will be happening in the very near future. Bu the good thing about :target is that it really forces you to put more attention to the hierarchy of you HTMl code and for that alone operas tutorial is well worth reading.

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