With the existence of hundreds of design blogs, “INSPIRATION” can be easily found. With a few simple clicks you have access to an endless supply of inspiration right at your finger tips. Inspiration can serve as a great motivation; however there is more to it. Staying motivated is a practice and requires more effort than continuously cruising for inspiration. Now that we know what inspiration is, let us learn more about motivation and how to stay motivated.

  1. Get a Good Start
    On days when you continue to sleep continuously you do not tend to be very productive. Same thing applies with web design. Getting a good start to a project will help to keep you motivated throughout the duration of the project. Do your best to make a solid effort at the beginning of every project.
  2. Do Not Overwork Yourself
    Working too much and stressing your mind a lot is indeed a way to put a screeching halt to any and all or your motivation. Constantly working too much will even affect your health. Therefore use a Timeline with every project to ensure that you have allocated enough time for the other work entitled.
  3. Pace Yourself
    While not over working, do not try to fit too much work into one day. Doing so will produce unacceptable work and also stall your motivation. Create a reasonable Daily schedule and do your best to stick to it. If a schedule is not your style perhaps try to a quick To-Do list instead.
  4. Set and Beat Your Deadlines
    Once you have got your timeline and daily schedule in place, Set a Goal to beat your deadline. Most people reach the peak of their productivity when they are closer to the deadline, and until the deadline is insight the productivity is minimal. Therefore to maintain high productivity, use multiple deadlines for every project and benefit from completing them early.
  5. Disregard Any Interruptions
    Email, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other interruptions are just as big disadvantages as they are beneficial.  Taking a few minutes here and there to check your RSS feed or emails will quickly add up in the course of the day and therefore reduce time spent on your projects. Blocking out and limiting these interruptions   is the only way you will be able to willingly meet your deadlines.
  6. Rotate Work Environments
    Sitting in front of the computer day in and day out will take its toll. Moving to another location or environment is a good way to mix things up. Heading down to your local cafe, coffee shop, library or even a book store once in a while to work can brighten your day and provide something to look forward to the rest of the week. This can even refresh your brain and feel relaxed.
  7. Put If Off If Possible
    If you get a rough start to a project put it off for a while when possible. This will reduce tension in your mind. Learn to set a project aside and move on to another project for the time being if possible.
  8. Follow Your Progress
    After you are done working on a project for a while you may begin to feel like you are just plugging away for an unreachable ending, and it is easy to lose track of your progress. Keep an eye on your overall progress and make sure to note when you reach desirable points.
  9. Make Good Use of Your Spare Time
    Making good use of your spare time is required to stay motivated. If you are able to truly enjoy your time away from work the happier you are going to be when the time comes to get some work done. Having a good attitude and being happy can stretch a long way when it comes to staying motivated.
  10. Work With Others
    Don’t always be stuck up at work, communicate with your co-workers maintain good relationships. If there comes a time when you get stuck, looks for second opinion from others. This will provide you with the added push you need to continue. If possible develop a network of people from whom you can get advice and help on difficult projects. Help from others who are completely out of the industry can provide an additional insight which you may have previously missed out.
  11. Have Fun
    Turn your work into fun by adding a twist to it, making it competitive or getting others in on the action. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated.
  12. Take Productive Breaks and Vacations
    A change of scenery for a while can do wonders for one’s motivation. Breaks can be as simple as having a coffee with your co-workers, heading out for lunch, or even as delightful as taking a vacation. This also helps relaxed your mind and get rid of all the work stress and tension. Not only do you work hard to earn these breaks, but you also come back refreshed and ready to get to work after wards.
  13. Take Another Approach
    Sometimes we get stuck with work and that is alright as it is a natural process of being a web designer. Rather than go insane and throw up your hands in the air take a look at the work from another angle or take a different approach. Working around the holdup can help you continue working without wasting any valuable time.
  14. Eat Lunch or Grab a Snack
    Not only does lunch time give you a break and time to clear your head but it also provides you with much needed energy.  If you are working and come to a barrier too high to breakdown, go grab a snack or go eat lunch then come back full force ready to break the barrier down. Along with eating stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, to avoid fatigue and stay ahead of the game.
  15. Reward Yourself
    Rewarding your self is one of the easiest and most important ways to stay motivated. After every small task you complete, reward yourself by taking a break or getting some coffee. For the larger tasks or projects you complete, go out with your friends and family, go home early, or buy something new for yourself. No matter what you decide to do make it meaningful for yourself and recognize your accomplishment, this will indeed increase your motivation.
  16. Get Exercise
    The benefits gained by exercising are endless. When it comes to staying motivated, exercising will allow you to release endorphins, blow off work stress, and ultimately detoxify yourself. After exercising you will be able to relax your body and mind and in return increase productivity and motivation at work.
  17. Keep Your Head Up
    At time we feel like giving up on everything, and calling it a day. Fact of the matter is “utters never win”. Every day is a new opportunity and it is up to you to make the most of it.  Learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes you have done before. If you can do that, you will be all right.
  18. Drop The Dead Weight
    There will be so many times where you will have to deal with a dysfunctional client and they can make you absolutely hate your job. Do your best to work with the client and turn relationships around. However, if all other things fail and you have the option, drop them.  No amount of money is worth driving you insane and making you hate your job.

If you follow these simple guidelines you could have a very satisfying job and you will enjoy working.

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