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One of the most important things on a website is adding compelling content to intrigue your clients and peak their curiosity which will convince them into a sales conversion goal.

In the modern world, a website is simply the 21st century version of a newspaper advertisement, a product catalog or a highway billboard..!

SEO Friendly
Creative Copy Writing
for Websites

Websites are designed and developed to convince clients to get in touch with you and eventually purchase your product or service you provide.

The difference is simply how your message is delivered, the speed (instantaneously), the amount of information which could be presented (virtually unlimited) and how your potential clients could find their way to the purchase and contact pages.

Our content writers will work alongside with you to compose content which will intrigue and seduce your website visitors to stay and browse through your products/services instead of moving to the next website which is on top of the search results page (Ex: your competitors).

Key Highlights
  • Your content has to be focused, engaged, simple to understand and grammatically correct. Focused means your message has to convey something about your product or service which strongly implies or convinces the customer that you have the right solution for them on all pages-from your homepage to individual landing pages.
  • Engaging requires your text to be relevant, interesting and well phrased. Regardless of the nature of your product or service, your copy needs to be compelling.
  • Simple means that your message is clear and easy to understand. A website that is overwhelming and hard to understand is of no use. Visitors might get confused.
  • Grammatically correct copy ensures that your text will not reflect negatively on the quality of the products or services you are offering.
Addition to all the above, the text content on your website could reflect your ranking on major search engines.

Occasionally search engines send out content crawlers also known as spiders (robot software) to search and index keywords. Once scanned they send back data to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar sites who determine your overall ranking positions on search engines.

Let’s Do itOur expert content writers could
work with you to strategically use
target keywords and key word
phrases related to your product or
service which will positively affect
the search engine ranking position
of your website.

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