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Our custom web design solutions are strategically
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If its not attracting, engaging or converting, then its not a good web design. We at Extreme Web Design Sri Lanka, build websites with a carefully planned strategy.

Extreme Web Design Sri Lanka helps every brand stand out with something unique. To be able to creatively design, develop and present this uniqueness to its precise target audience is the essence of a successful online brand strategy. Our team at Extreme Web Design Sri Lanka has built and delivered solutions for many successful businesses.

We are well experienced with the latest technologies and all websites we design and develop are hand coded, W3C compliant and search engine friendly.

At Extreme Web, we start with the process usually ignored by other web design agencies in Sri Lanka. We start with a set of questions to get to know you better. E.g. What is your target audience? Who are your top competitors? What are the products or services you offer? Why should customers choose you? It's only after completely understanding these facts we start to develop a project plan. This process helps us in creating a unique custom web design which delivers the right solution. Your website is designed with a goal to compel and inspire the target audience to engage. Our professional web design service, is one step ahead of others in establishing a compelling brand presence. We create custom websites that accommodate the essential elements required to make your business more appealing and engaging. We thrive to create the perfect user experience.

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Web Design Services

What is a Unique Custom Web Design?

Custom web design is much more than the color combinations, images, and fonts of your website. A custom web design is the process of learning and understanding about your business, and applying a sound process of strategy, user experience, design execution, programming, and marketing to form a successful online business presence. Every aspect of your website is built specifically for your organizational goals. We believe this service is the most important aspect in creating an effective custom web design with a highly positive ROI.

Yes, We Design Responsive Websites

A responsive web design adjusts according to the screen size of your visitors browsing device screen. That means whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, your website will maintain a look that is clean, simple and amazing.

While the cost and seeming efficiency of a pre-made template site may appeal to some, most of them have been so overused that any site developed using one will fade into mediocrity. Custom web design is not only a way for you to put your best foot forward on the Internet, but it gives you the freedom of having your site tailored to your company's specific needs.

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What is the Importance of
Custom Web Designing?

Our professional web designers at Extreme Web are well aware about the fact that by just adding attractive colors, images and themes it’s difficult to attract potential customers. Our web designers work with our Digital Strategy Consultants to understand the business goals and strategy to implement with the right creative elements. As a result, the end product; your website becomes an amazingly perfect representation your business on the internet. Ease of management & scalability is another important aspect that we focus on.

Our Web
Design Process

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing." – William Edwards Deming

Understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behavior, and how your website factors into all of it. We’ll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function and then improve on that. This stage will give us the foundation for moving forward with just the right recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.


Once we’re armed with this information, we’ll set to work sketching out interface layouts, including the home page, sub page, and any additional layouts needed. We recommend having all of your content ready by this stage which will inform the design and make it faster to load the initial content on the development server so content doesn't hold back the launch. If you won't be able to provide professionally written content by this stage we recommend having our in-house copywriter create the content for you.

Next we’ll design high-fidelity comps that show what the final designs will look like on desktop, tablet, and smart-phone screen sizes, providing up to threerounds of revisions on the design.


Next we'll start to work making your design a reality by building the site using standards-based technology. We'llbuild the front-end with HTML, CSS, and use jQuery for simple behavior and effects like animations and form validation.


We'll test the website in a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. We'll also test the responsive design on iPhone and Android devices. We'll test the functionality of the site to ensure there are no errors or broken links and then hand it over to you for review on a test server. You'll have a few rounds of minor revisions or tweaks to the site.


Once you’ve tested the website and are happy with its functionality, we’ll point your domain over to the new site. Launch time!

Our Website Design Process

How a Custom Website Design can help your Brand?

  • You will have a unique website design based on the organizational needs. No one will have the exact same website design as you do. This is a very competitive advantage to help your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • If you have a unique custom web design, you will have the ability to create a strong business identity and make it easy to remember and recall.
  • Custom websites has the flexibility to add features which are necessary for your clients to have in order to utilize your services.
  • Custom designed sites are fast to load, search engine (SEO) friendly and well suited for online marketing; hence, they can climb upwards in search engines far ahead of generic template based quick sites.
  • Custom website provides the ability to make your website truly “yours” It’s also helping your customers and other visitors to remember your website easily.
  • Custom web designs are suitable for creating brands that clearly represents something unique.

Our WorkBefore & After

We have worked with Hameed Brothers to completely revamp the design and the brand image. The new website is much faster, responds to different devices, screen sizes and has brought down the bounce rate by 60% while increasing the average time spent on the website

Hameed Brothers Website
Web design for Hameed Brothers Before After
Essential tips for improving your web design

Web Design Tips

Essential tips for improving your web design.
Make your website easy to navigate

It should be relatively easy for your customers to get what they want from your website within 2 to 3 clicks without having to browse through the entire site looking for stuff. The links should be easy to understand and the text easy to read.

Make your website memorable

Choose a domain name that will be easy to memorize by your customers. Choosing a very complicated domain name will make it hard for your customers to find your site, putting your custom web design to waste.

Leave room for improvement

Make sure that the information on your website is up to date and add new stuff regularly. Also leave some space for customer comments and suggestions.

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OLU Water

Olu Tropical Water comes to life in Sri Lanka’s extremely rare cloud forests, nestled in the lush mountainous tropics of the island’s central highlands.

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jQuery JQuery
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Web design PortfolioYou ll love it !


SHOP PR is a boutique store prmoting designer wear with an target audience for local and international markets We have designed and developed a online shopping cart website to enable retail sales globally.

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PHP Programming PHP
jQuery JQuery
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Web design PortfolioYou ll love it !

Custom T-Shirt Printing Sri Lanka

Get in touch with our web consultantsto discuss how we can help your business get better ROI by using effective web design strategy

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Get in touch with our web consultants to discuss how we can help your business get better ROI by using effective web design strategy

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