Web Hosting Sri Lanka

Hosting is one of the most overlooked and most necessary aspects to creating a successful website or online business. We provide our clients with a server to store their site and accompanying files while providing them with the necessary bandwidth for their site to function properly. The wrong choice can result in unnecessary downtime, too little bandwidth, and support issues.

We minimize these hassles by having multiple mirrored servers that support all of the most current technologies. This way, whether you have a PHP, ASP, Flash, unique e-commerce, social networking, or any other type of site, your site will be compatible with our servers.

Our goal is to make sure your website will run smoothly and remain online even if one of our servers fails giving you a 99.99% up-time. Separate from big hosting companies, we provide a more personal feel with more immediate service and quick response making you feel more comfortable and hassle free. As a final touch, we offer mail hosting and professional e-mail accounts at your site’s address to keep your business organized.