Engage Your Audience in a Social Way

Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka: Most of the clients say that social media impacts their purchasing decisions. Why wouldn’t businesses want to improve their social media management efforts?

Social media management is one of the most essential responsibilities of businesses today. As a social media marketing agency, we understand that having an account with social media networks is not enough. It’s not the same as engaging your audience and it’s certainly not the same as building relationships and connecting with prospects.

Social Media has proven to be a powerful tool used to instill brand awareness and trust, but also has the ability to increase lead generation for your company. In order to do so, you’re going to need to take the right approach. We’re here to help.

social media marketing sri lanka


Social Media Marketing is a lot easier when you set goals for your business.  Do you want to bring more traffic to your website? Increase sales? Gain more followers? We will provide you with goal driven social media management strategies that gets your messages to the right audience.


Social media profile creation: If you’re not on social media and you want to be, we’ll design and setup your profile in no time! We’ll help you identify where it is appropriate to have a profile and how to start building followers. We create profile designs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


Find your audience: Not sure who your audience is on social media? The best social media management services help you connect with your audience. We’ll identify the best social media platforms that can help your company reach a wider audience and help you become a reliable online source for those searching for your product or service.

Create Goal Driven Social Media Campaigns: How do you know your social media marketing campaign is successful? You set goals! As your social media marketing agency, we’ll track and monitor your success on social media and adjust your campaigns as we go along. There is no such thing as a static campaign. Goals can be as precise as increasing ticket sales for your event by 20% or as flexible as increasing brand awareness.

Custom Social Media Graphics: Visuals and graphics fuels shares on Facebook, Retweets on Twitter, pins on Pinterest and pluses and Google+. Without carefully paying attention to the look and feel of your social media posts, your brand’s image could be lost in the social noise. Part of our social media marketing services includes proving you with graphics that appeal to the eyes of your audience and keeps your branding consistent.

Custom Content Strategy: Often times a social media management strategy requires more resources. Whether it’s building or maintaining a blog, taking more photos or creating more long-form content such as ebooks, we’ll outline your content in an editorial calendar. You can write the materials yourself or we’ll write them for you.

Blogging and SEO: Targeting customers through social media can be a successful part of an entire SEO strategy. You’ll double your efforts.

Social Media Monitoring: Don’t have a team member on staff that can help you monitor your social media accounts? While nobody knows your business and brand more than you do, we can execute your social media strategy and respond to any social mentions. When working with us, we feel that we are an apart of your brand and team. When you select some of our social media management services, you can be sure that your profiles will reflect your own brand’s values and image.

Consulting: Want to manage your own social media account, but still want some guidance? We can consult you on anything from best practices on LinkedIn to running your first #Hashtag contest. Sometimes you just need a social media agency to sit down and brainstorm with.

No two business are the same. What works for one company on social media isn’t necessarily going to work for another. But once you figure out how to talk and interact with your audience, they’ll be excited to see your offerings and participate in your community.


We’re a social media marketing agency, we like to share our content, say hello to our clients and share industry insights through our social media channels. And we look at our social media reports to adjust our strategy. We can measure key performance indicators through obvious metrics such as likes, shares, and responses. Sometimes social media isn’t as black and white though and there are lots of unique assets that your company has for us to measure on social.

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