Many people think that low quality links or links from spam websites have a bad effect on their website ranks on Google.
The problem with spam links is that it is hard to avoid them. For example, if a competitor adds your website to a link farm network or if they spam others with your URL.

Google released an official statement regarding spam links

A few days back Google published an official statement regarding low quality links in the Google webmaster blog. Below are some main statements they made.

  1. Linking is a big part in Google ranking algorithms, but it is just one factor out of many which is been considered. Other main factors are the web page content, site structure and the keyword densities in different web page elements.
  2. If you have a high quality website and get links from many spam websites you should try to contact the spam website owners and request them to remove their links to your website. Google will not help you out with that.
  3. If the spam website webmasters are not corporative, you don’t have to be worried.. you could just focus on the links which are under your control.
  4. Google recommends that you should optimize the factors rather than influence indexing and ranking. We at extreme web analyze dozens of ranking factors which influence the position of your websites in the search results and advise you on how you have to change so that Google will list your website on top of its results page for target keywords.
  5. If you want to make sure Google gets to know about the spam links and is valuing them appropriately, you could send a report to them through their spam report or paid links report forms.

What does this mean for the rankings of your website?

Low quality links coming to you are normally from low quality websites. These web sites normally have very low Google ranks and they cannot pass much ranking power to other websites. For this reason you must not think about it too much since it is out of your control. Better focus on the following:

  • Create high quality web pages with a good website navigation and optimized web page content. Make sure that all web page elements contain the right information so that Google will list your website for the right keywords.
  • Try to get high quality links to your website. The more high quality links your website has, the less impact have links from spammy websites.