WordPress is a free, open-source publishing platform, which is used by thousands of people around the world to create blogs.

Traditionally, and most often, WordPress is used as the foundation on which to build, and publish a blog to display to the world. Some of the most infamous blogs on the planet use WordPress to convey their message, such as The New York Times and CNN.

It allows you to easily create a complex blog, or web log, on your site and offers administrative tools along with sophisticated design features that make it easy to develop and integrate a personal or professional blog on your site. Members can customize their page with the use of themes and latest features, making it modern and individual.

Having a blog can prove beneficial to business, as you are consistently providing fresh content for potential customers to find in search engines. It also demonstrates that your company is passionate about what it does and reassures visitors that real people are backing the business. Publishing thoughts in a blog and will not only help to earn a business customers but give it a competitive edge in it’s your industry of expertise.

WordPress is also used to formulate websites. This is an extremely useful tool for small businesses to exploit. It has received a lot of acclamation for this application because once your site is created you have the ability to edit, add, subtract, and anything else you need to the content, without any knowledge of HTML.

The main reason for the notoriety of WordPress appears to be its simplicity. It is rated as extremely easy to use and members have stated that: ‘if you know how to use MS Word, then you’ll be able to use WordPress. So there’s no better time to start a blog than now.

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