Continuing where we left off in our previous blog post, let’s take a look now at the next few Blog tips that will Help You Succeed in 2010:

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7. If you are new to Blogging, you might want to start with a WordPress.com blog after which you can switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog. The following are three reasons for you to use WordPress:

  • It is used by a large number of people.
  • Recognition and reputation.
  • Strong support.

8. Avoid or try to minimize grammar mistakes by proofreading – Poor grammar can lead to a frustrated user. For example, a user would visit your website looking for value but unfortunately the content is all mixed up with misplaced “has” and “their” and other terrible spellings. Would that user want to keep reading? Probably not.

9. Add rich media content to your blog – For example, make use of the power of Youtube and other available media sources. Utilize and match them accordingly into your blog content.

10. Understand your role and stick to it – Ensure that you have a clear definition and understanding of what your blog is about. The second important thing is always keep your blog posts related to your topic.




1. Judge a blog by its cover – If it doesn’t look pretty, people have a hard time focusing on what you have to say. Take a look at the home page of your blog, focusing on the uppermost region (without scrolling down). Would you want to take a look around after arriving on the home page as a new visitor?

2. Comment smartly and consistently – Bloggers are tired of seeing the overused “Nice post!” or “This is really interesting!” Stand out by trying to put some thought into your comments and, most importantly, make it sound like you actually read the article.

3. Get a Gravatar- Before you start commenting on blogs, it’s a good idea to register your own gravatar. If you follow step 2, readers and blog owners will become familiar with you for better or for worse.

4. Show your personality in your writing – Establishing a voice in your writing is a crucial element is producing content that people will want to keep coming back over and over again for more. Don’t be that Average Joe in a sea of Average Joes.