“Advertising generally works to reinforce consumer trends rather than initiating them”

This quote becomes very contradictory in its own way when it comes to the web design world. New trends hold a lot of importance when it comes to making new structures, layouts, designs and even for a single graphic to a website.

Technology changes every day with each click of the mouse. Every day at every single click a brand new trend or new technology emerges which changes web design trends. It undergoes a continuous and a very fast speed.

The web world of designs is going more humane, aesthetic, and functional in appeal. As the web industry is fickle, more and more designs trends are on their full pace. Sole web presence doesn’t really work. Incorporation of interactive and attractive designs in a website was, is and will always remain important and thus won’t hamper the new emerging trends.

The best way to communicate any idea in the world of web design is a good and a subtle straight-forward design. And it acts as an icing on the cake, when a website is launched with a creative and unique layouts. It does not stop at having a great content, the entire layout and how it has been structured, decides its readability and influence on the reader.

More and more effort is being put to take inspiration from the print world, which is accompanied by headlines, quotations, multi-column text, highlighted quotations, and indented text, supporting imagery, side notes and footnotes.

Print material ought to have a high impact on the readers keeping in mind that it should not dominate the informative part that is, the content of the website. We have tried and made an attempt to incorporate all the latest trends in web designs in the year 2010 with from especially print sources in this gleaming world of creativity.