If you want to achieve good search engine optimization and top placement results under Google Caffeine, what will you have to change?

If you already have a Website that subscribes to Google and SEO best practices, then there probably isn’t a lot you’ll have to tweak.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure that you’re Website is primed to get good results under Caffeine:

1. Eliminate all spam elements from your Website: Any part of your Website that could conceivably be considered spám will likely have a negative effect on your search engine optimization and placement efforts. Spam elements include Website text that’s the same color as the background, Website cloaking, and automated linking.

2. Reevaluate your Website design and structure: Make sure your Website looks great and is user-friendly. Users should be able to easily navigate through the Website and search engines should be able to understand and categorize a Web page just by reading its title and meta tags.

3. Get links from social bookmark and other social media sites: Links from social bookmark sites like Digg and Delicious are already important to gaining good search engine optimization and placement. The importance of links from these types of sites is likely to incréase under Caffeine.

4. Check your Website links: Make sure that you aren’t linking to any Websites that could potentially be labeled as spammers. Having a selection of quality links is far better than gathering as many links as possible.

By following the above tips and tricks, your Website should have no problem adjusting to Google’s new search engine. And you’ll have a crucial advantage when it comes to getting great search engine optimization and placement results.

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There are loads of SEO companies out there who are capable of providing strategies to improve rankings of web sites. These sites usually have less then 20 web pages and they will feature a small scope of selected keywords. Ecommerce SEO requires a lot of proper planning and resources in order to become top ranked in search engines.

There are 7 primary strategies which will improve ranks of a website in search engines. The first strategy which the company needs to fulfill is in relation is to allocate approximately 30% of their total budget for SEO. The budget which is allocated for SEO should cover both ongoing expenses and on site costs. The company will have to pay for the optimisation online and they will also have to research the best keywords to use.

The next strategy which a company needs look at the locating the best developer who is aware of what needs to be done in relation to SEO and ecommerce. Its probably best to go for a company who has a good reputation and also strong experience related to ecommerce sites. Its also a good idea to locate a company who has the ability provide a range of services as this will save you time.

Its very important for the company to select the best ecommerce platform because this will enable the company to make use of the open sources. The best open source platforms include Joomla and OSCommerce. There are a number of benefits of using sites like these and the benefits include low site development costs, greater level of portability, vast amount of add ons and plugs in and also a wide community support base.

It is also a good idea to make use of the custom built platforms, as these are able to provide some of the best flexibility and customisation options, which are currently available. These customisation options will enable you to be separated from your competitors. The downside of these platforms is the high cost for development and also some search engine optimisation companies will find it difficult to work with this system.

Another strategy that is very useful is to look for a good service provider who works within the SEO world. Part of the planning for SEO is to select a SEO company who has a strong name and also experience within this sector. Its very important that the SEO company has the ability to work with the selected platform which you wish to use. The selected company should also feel comfortable using long tail SEO and content generation.

Another very useful strategy is to have the ability to recognise the competitors. In order to be successful you must have the ability to recognise the competitors of the business. When you starting out at first its more important to look at the local competitors. The search engine optimisation provider that you chose should have the ability to create the list of local competitors for the company. It is very important to remember that SEO companies are not magicians and the amount of money that you have available will greatly influence your performance within the world of SEO.

The final strategy that you should look at carefully is the content of the website. In the case of search engine optimisation the content on the website is very important.

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“Advertising generally works to reinforce consumer trends rather than initiating them”

This quote becomes very contradictory in its own way when it comes to the web design world. New trends hold a lot of importance when it comes to making new structures, layouts, designs and even for a single graphic to a website.

Technology changes every day with each click of the mouse. Every day at every single click a brand new trend or new technology emerges which changes web design trends. It undergoes a continuous and a very fast speed.

The web world of designs is going more humane, aesthetic, and functional in appeal. As the web industry is fickle, more and more designs trends are on their full pace. Sole web presence doesn’t really work. Incorporation of interactive and attractive designs in a website was, is and will always remain important and thus won’t hamper the new emerging trends.

The best way to communicate any idea in the world of web design is a good and a subtle straight-forward design. And it acts as an icing on the cake, when a website is launched with a creative and unique layouts. It does not stop at having a great content, the entire layout and how it has been structured, decides its readability and influence on the reader.

More and more effort is being put to take inspiration from the print world, which is accompanied by headlines, quotations, multi-column text, highlighted quotations, and indented text, supporting imagery, side notes and footnotes.

Print material ought to have a high impact on the readers keeping in mind that it should not dominate the informative part that is, the content of the website. We have tried and made an attempt to incorporate all the latest trends in web designs in the year 2010 with from especially print sources in this gleaming world of creativity.



Everyone has heard of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), it is a simple web programming language to learn and create web sites. This explanation is clear to a point that no one will dispute it. but now comes HTML5 to rock the boat a little bit and that description is both vague and very far from the point.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is HTML’s latest major revision,which has a whole load of new cool features and exciting attributes.

For most of the HTML coders the understanding of these new cool features might be overwhelming and at first it might look unnecessary, but when you dig in deeper into a new and exciting list of features will open up, not for just HTML web developers and web designers but for web users as well..!

Below is a publication by Focus.com which is a infographic designed for the uninitiated to get a better understanding of HTML5 and to be a quick reference for web developers, you can view the infographic below (click the image for the source and to view it full-size).



Google started to show a special OneBox for the FIFA World Cup, the international football tournament that will start Friday in South Africa. If you search for “world cup“, you can see a list of the teams and the upcoming matches.

Google's Special Results for the Football World Cup


A few days back Google announced that a new indexing system called Caffeine is live.The target is to find new fresh content faster and index web pages faster and to update indexes in real time.

“Our old index had several layers, some of which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; the main layer would update every couple of weeks. To refresh a layer of the old index, we would analyze the entire web, which meant there was a significant delay between when we found a page and made it available to you. With Caffeine, we analyze the web in small portions and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally. As we find new pages, or new information on existing pages, we can add these straight to the index,” explains Google.

Because Google indexes are updated in real time, you will find new information much faster, may be in even a few seconds once it is posted..! Matt Cutts says that you’ll sometimes find web pages that weren’t indexed when you started typing your query. This is really incredible, even though it’s still very difficult to rank recent web pages.

If you want to find most recent web pages, click on “Past 24 Hours” or “Past Week” in Google Search right side menu (the screenshot shows Google’s old interface). You can even sort the results by date.

Google Caffeine: Indexing the Web Faster


Below are some really important web design tips which every web site should follow. If your website is designed according to the tips below it is guaranteed that your visitors will have a very good first impression of your web site.

  1. Fast Loading web site designs – this is the most important #1 tip which every website should have. You might design a web site that looks fabulous but only a very few visitors are going to see it if it takes a long time to load..!! your web designs should be properly optimized for the web and should not take more than 10 – 15 seconds to load completely. Remember that even though you might have a great design but only a very few people are going to see it if it takes long to load.
  2. Clear Navigation – once a visitor has come to your web site you need them to click and go inside to view more pages and convert a goal. To do this you need to have a very clear and easy navigation. Make sure that all your important links are at very visible/prominent places. Most effective is the top right of the screen, this is where a visitor first looks at. Make use of menus on the right and left side of your design. Try to link many pages as possible. Let your important information be accessible from all parts of your website navigation. You may never know what a visitor may be interested in. try to use the footer area for important links.
  3. All Resolutions – there are many computers using different kinds of resolutions. They range from 800 x 600 to 1440 x 900 and go even higher. Your target is to design your web site for all these resolutions much as possible. The best way to do this is to design your site in terms of percentage instead of pixels.
  4. Browser Compatibility – make sure that your website is browser compatible. Your website should look the same in browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome since they are widely used. Do not stop testing your design just because it looks great on Firefox. Usually IE gives problems and needs a few bug fixes specially when you are doing advanced HTML websites. But these problems are usually fixed easily once found.
  5. Readable and professional looking fonts – we do not have to ask you, how many times you might have clicked out of a website because it used fonts like Comic Sans and the colour was bright green or pink..! just by looking at the font you know that the site is not professional. Do not use fonts like comic sans and any other similar fancy fonts which might not be available on most computers. If the font you chose is not available on the visitors computer then the website will use the default font of that computer which will look much worse and terrible. So try to use common and professional web standard fonts when designing your websites. The most popular fonts are Arial, Verdana & Calibri.
  6. Minimize the use of images – Simple designs are the most effective for web. Keep your web site neat and simple. Do not clutter the pages with bulky images which might slow down the loading time. Visitors are more interested in content rather than design.
  7. Use of white space – try not to clutter your design with too many images, big fonts and backgrounds. Keep it simple and minimize the use of images and keep a lot of white space which will make it more readable. White space will give your website a sense of spaciousness and overall tidiness.
  8. Check for broken links – you should always cross check for broken links before updating your website to the web server. In Dreamweaver you can do a link check for broken links by right clicking any file in the site files window and clicking on check links for entire site. If you do not have this feature you need to upload your site and validate it with W3C Link Checker.

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eCommerce Solutions

If you are thinking that spending thousands of dollars on your brick and mortar store will take your business to the next level, then you might be missing a big trick..!! the modern online customers are flocking from retail outlets to online ecommerce stores and this is where you can improve your sales and get better profits. The latest ecommerce technologies will assist you to be more competitive and help you to increase sales by driving online traffic to your website resulting in a good ROI.

Ecommerce solutions in Sri Lanka is an emerging trend and most of the physical retail stores are migrating to online ecommerce stores where their customers can browse through the internet and purchase products of their choice from home at their convenience.  This has totally redefined business strategies and forced companies to rethink their existing strategies. With an ever increasing business volume being generated through the Internet, the companies are waking up to a new opportunity which is knocking on their doors in the form of online business. Of course they realize that the first and foremost step towards this journey is developing an exceptional website which offers a common platform to integrate various technologies at one place.

Ecommerce has added a fun element in shopping and tries to simulate the effects of real shopping. The introduction of innovative concepts like shopping carts adds in a unique element to online shopping and makes it appear very real. However, integrating so many capabilities within a website is an involved process and requires a detailed understanding of various processes. A professional and in depth knowledge is important to ensure that your website meets the expectations of your customers.

To get your website an extra edge over rest of the competitors in Sri Lanka, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can also prove to be very effective. These services will ensure that your website ranks high on search engines which will provide higher volume of traffic. SEO services will make your website highly capable and take it to a higher level and take you to a broader international global market place.

Ecommerce offers various benefits over traditional mechanism which is helping it to grow in popularity. One of the most important benefits offered by ecommerce solutions is the reduced operational costs in terms of labor and paper work. It also allows you to reduce errors and achieve higher capabilities. Ecommerce solutions eliminate the need for spending huge amounts to set up brick and mortar infrastructure and just require you to develop an efficient website. Your website should be your most powerful point of communication for all your future business.

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As you plan and make decisions to concentrate on your SEO strategies or paid search strategy budget, you should begin with what you already know about each individual search engine and who is using them..!!

Why Yahoo appeals to the 50+ demographic:

  • Yahoo is a old fashioned portal which is a gateway to all kind of different content on the internet.
  • As a home page it has a good set up in advance for its users and do not require or push for customization.
  • People who are over 50 years were “leading edge” internet users about 10 – 15 years ago set up a yahoo email account when Yahoo was THE dominant search engine at that time and they still use that same account today.
  • In a research carried out by  Cowan & Co, revealed that 57% of respondents were visiting Yahoo home page because they go there to check their Yahoo mail. Yahoo’s engagement with users remains high; 64% of respondents go to Yahoo.com at least once per week. In addition, Yahoo Mail is still growing (although Gmail has a much greater share of new personal email accounts).
  • People over 60 are more often using the Internet for community and entertainment they aren’t using the web to “search” for data and information to support their career.

Google: a dominant “search” engine and online toolbox

  • Google is the dominant search engine which is taking over the market share with over 67.3% in December 2009 across all demographics.
  • Google gives its primary focus on “search” finding the information and data people look for, most often for research, work or career development.
  • Google has loads of customizable tools such as iGoogle, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Maps etc.
  • In the same research by Cowan & Co cited above, they found that “79% of 22- to 25-year-olds use Google as their primary search engine, compared to 63% of total respondents. Google usage is skewed toward younger demographics, high-income households, users with college and graduate degrees, and mobile Internet users.”

Bing: uncertain waters yet strong possibilities for the 50+ demographic

  • According to the Cowan & Co study, Bing was chosen as a primary search engine by just 1% of 18- to 25-year-olds and 4% of 26- to 34-year-olds. Bing’s highest penetration rate is in the 55-and-over demographic at 10%.
  • About 40% of respondents are not aware of the Bing brand. They are simply finding the tool because it is the default search engine in Internet Explorer which as of December 2009 is still the browser of choice (or default) of 50% of Internet surfers. Older users are much more likely to stick with the default browser than to seek out alternative software.
  • Even after the huge media-blitz by Microsoft to promote Bing (spending perhaps as much as $100 million), its market share dropped in December 2009 to 9.9% from a high of 10.7% the previous month.

The question is, even if Yahoo and Bing have a smaller piece of the pie, if their user base matches your customer base, you’ll want to make sure you have a presence in their text and image indexes, directories, and perhaps even paid search. There are specific tactics you will need to take to accomplish this. Extreme web search engine consultants Sri Lanka are ready to offer you the guidance and coaching you need – just get in touch!


Finding a new website on the internet might be difficult for people. You have to place it right up there, right? The answer is no..!! You need links or you should inform the top search engines that your website is online. Screaming in the jungle will not help you, but certain tools can do wonders. A XML sitemap is one great seo tool.


How do you get a sitemap? Its Simple. You can either code it yourself (protocol here), or use a XML Sitemap generator. There are tons of free generators and tons of software out there to buy. I personally use xml-sitemaps.com for my projects. I have them crawl my sites, save the document made, and then edit it using a text editor.

What is the benefit? Well, it gives a concise look at your website. It’s how you inform the search engine spiders what you consider important. Is your privacy policy that important? Probably not as much as your main product page.

Now you’ve made one, what to do now?

  1. Put it in your main directory. Ex. http://www.mysite.com/sitemap.xml
  2. Edit your Robots.txt to include it for all engines. Add a line in there like the one below
    Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml
  3. Tell the engines about it directly.
    1.    Learn more about Webmaster Central Here.
    2.    Yahoo SiteExplorer
    3.    MSN/Live

Probably the single best resource to learn about sitemaps is Sitemaps.org. Their FAQs and Sitemap Protocol say just about everything you might need.

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