The types of tactics you need to employ will depend on the keywords for which you want to achieve high rankings. Keywords with less competition require different tactics when compared to keywords with high competition.

The effect of different SEO tactics on the position of your website in the search results

When you target long keyword phrases that have little competition, the relative value of on-page web page optimization tends to be very high.

For example, if you want to be listed for the search term “plan cheap christmas holiday trips to sri lanka” it would be sufficient to optimize one of your web pages for that search term as the competition for that particular search term would not be high. Therefore, adding too many inbound links in order to get a high ranking for that search term would not be necessary.

Depending on the competitiveness for the targeted keyword, the effect of inbound links on the position of your website in the search results can also differ. This can be illustrated in the diagram below:

diagram 1

The importance of an SEO tactic is not the same as its relative effect on your search engine positions

Glancing at the diagram above might give you the slight illusion that web page optimization is not that important to get high rankings for very competitive keywords. However, this is not the case. The essential basis for high search engine rankings begins with optimizing the contents of your web page.

When you optimize a web page for a particular key phrase, the search engine will identify that the web page is relevant to that key phrase. If more than one web page has been optimized for that key phrase, then the web page which has the best inbound links will get the highest position in the search result.

For example, according to www.google.com, the website www.cnn.com has a total of 46,600. Although CNN.com has so many inbound links, they do not rank for the key phrase “plan cheap christmas holiday trips to sri lanka” because the website has not been optimized for that key phrase.

In order for you to get higher rankings for a key phrase, the first step is to optimize one of your web pages for that particular key phrase. Once that is done, your next step is to work on the links that point to the optimized web page to outrank other websites that have been optimized for that same key phrase.

diagram 2

Which tactic should you use for your website?

1. The best web page optimization tactic:

When you optimize your website, make sure that you optimize different pages of your website for different key phrases. Begin with less competitive keywords that have longer phrases, and then proceed with the more competitive keywords.

For example, start with the keywords “plan holiday in sri lanka”, “plan christmas holiday in sri lanka”, “plan vacation in sri lanka”, “christmas in sri lanka”, etc. When you have managed to get high rankings for many of these key phrases, Google will know that your website is relevant to the topic “holidays”.

As soon as Google knows that your website is relevant to the topic, it will be much easier to get high rankings for more competitive keywords such as “plan holidays” or even “holidays”.

The more pages of your website you optimize for different but related keywords, the better.

2. The best link building tactic:

Having more links than your competitors is not always necessary. What is necessary is that you have better links than them.

Always try to get links to your website that use the targeted key phrase as the link text (also known as anchor text) that point to the web page that has been optimized for that key phrase.

Instead of focusing on quantity, pay more attention to quality. Getting hundreds of links from a link nest will not help your website as much as a few dozen links from relevant web pages with authority would do.

If your website consists of both optimized web pages and good inbound links, then it will be much easier to outrank the other web pages which have only one factor.

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