SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization holds the popularity for enabling webmasters to get a vast return of reserves.  A high grade of the correct keyword in it has a huge impact on your profits.

The instruction below gives a clear idea of the importance to select the right keyword for SEO. By following the instructions you could make sure your profits are increased.

Finding the financial values of keywords

You can find the financial value of the keyword by starting a Google AdWords campaign and select the similar exact match. Then point the ad to the page on your website that is most applicable to the keyword.

Next Track the impressions and the conversion rate of the ad.  You can get useful data by tracking at least 500 clicks. With that particular data you can make a guess about a value of a visitor who finds your website through that keyword.

A concrete example

Your ad might have had 10,000 impressions during a week and 200 visitors have clicked the ad to visit your website.  6 of those who visited might have purchased products on your website and you would have a profit of $500.

The keyword has sent 200 visitors to your website and 6 of them have bought the products. As the clean profit is $500, the average of a single visitor who finds your website using the keyword is worth $2.50 to your company. (200 visitors created a profit of $500: $500/200 visitors = $2.50/visitor)

What does this mean for your search engine optimization campaigns?

The average position of a keyword has 40% of click-through rate (according to several studies).  In the above example the ad was displayed 10,000 times and while it was clicked 200 times, you would get 4,000 visitors visiting your site per week.

As the average visitor adds $2.50 to your profits (see above) you would earn $10,000 per week with that keyword.

That is $520,000 per year with a single keyword! That is why businesses love search engine optimization.

This sounds unbelievable but search engine optimization makes it possible. It’s simple maths and it really works.

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