Older established websites have a big advantage comparing to new websites.  Web sites which were designed several years back had lesser competition and it was much easier for them to achieve top ranks in search engines.

Search Engines such as Google trusts websites which have been around for a long time. Also these old websites had a plenty of time to get good backlinks. If you have designed a new website then it will be hard to compete with these established sites.


Luckily its possible to compete with the big older sites even though you have new website design. Below are a few tips which will help you be competitive with well established sites.

Step 1: target the right keywords

If you built a new websites its very hard to get top ranking spots for very competitive keywords. But you should include these kind of keywords in your web pages and optimize your page for less popular keywords as well which are not targeted by your competitors.

If your competitors target the keyword “Sri Lanka Tour” then you have to target and optimize for “Sri Lanka Tour Packages” . Even if your target keyword gets a fraction of the original keyword will will still get more traffic than usual.

Its much better to rank number one for a slightly less popular keyword (you will get visitors) than getting ranked #75 for a very competitive keyword where you do not get any visitors to your site.

Step 2: target as many different keywords as possible

Repeat the above step with many keywords as possible. Even if each keyword gets only a few visitors you will get many visitors in total when combined.

Another advantage of achieving top rankings for these long keywords is that it helps your site to become relevant to a certain topic. The more top ranking spots your website gets which are relevant to a topic, the easier it gets to achieve top rankings for more competitive keywords.

You should optimize different web pages of your site for different keywords and optimize as many web pages as possible. Visitors who search for longer keywords are the ones usually care about the subject and most possibly buy your product or service.

Step 3: create web pages to attract more backlinks

Some pages on your site should generate an income for you, while others should help you get backlinks. The more backlinks you get the easier it is to get high rankings.

You should create web pages which solve the problems of other web searchers. Write many “How to” articles about a unique topic and it might often get many backlinks. Of course you should also actively try and get backlinks as well.

Getting top ranks for a new website is not difficult if you choose the correct methods to do it. Do not attack the big fish directly. You should start with many other related keywords and then go for the more competitive keywords

Focus on both on-page optimization where you optimize your web pages and get good back links. Your site should have good optimised content and good back links if you want to get high rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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