2016 is starting to get interesting for website managers, pushing them to reevaluate their strategies. Many have changed track from building sites that are in-depth, detailed and 3 dimensional to plain clean and simple. Flat design is simply spreading like wild fire across the web in 2016. They say “Trends go IN and OUT”, this leaves a lot of web designers speculating on this concept. But let’s not jump into conclusions right away; first let’s look at why Flat Design outruns any other web design model this season.

Flat & Functional is Attractive

Alright, let’s get to it!

We need to understand what flat design is and what it is not. Flat design is unique in its own way by eliminating the most stylistic elements that go into a skeuomorphic design, subtle textures, like glow effects, shading and gradient coloring that draw the eye to buttons and key content.


Instead of thrilling the users with fancy fonts that jump out the page, Flat designers have knocked off the knickknack and have taken a more minimalistic approach that values function over flashiness. Computer savvy consumers today are looking for a more user friendly brand which isn’t complicated and needs no guidance around their website, like back in the day.

People were obscure with design elements such as drop-down menus, online forms, or social share buttons when it first appeared and had to be helped out. As an example the fields in a form was needed to have guidelines such as “First name”, “mobile number” or “Type your e-mail address here.”

At this moment, most people at a glance know how to navigate around a web page, so the primitiveness of flat design is becoming popular. Websites such as http://oak.is/ gives perfect sense of a fully functioning, user friendly website that implements flat design.

Flat Design: Reverse gear to the future

We all know that history tends to repeat itself, in any field, it can be fashion trends, marketing campaigns or hairstyles. The approach of flat design isn’t recent; it has just taken on a new face, 21st century vibe and attitude, one that rumbles with millennial and the millions of people tied to their smart phones and mobile devices.

Speaking of flexibility, mini screens tend to require bigger text and larger images- which both of these come under key elements of flat design. Unlike realistic-looking three dimensional graphics and moving GIFs that are popular on skeuomorphic design, for mobile web viewing there is an advance in responsive design which compiles of two-dimensional websites that relies more upon unique colors and shapes.

Inclusion to efficient responsive design, faster page load time and a clean, sleek appearance-Highlighting the fast page load time which is vital on mobile devices-is another upper hand for flat design websites. A task well done by http://builtbybuffalo.com showcases coordinating color combinations and unique shapes to give a streamlined web design yet keeping it simple, compact with benefited content to enhance user experiences.

Flat Regards User Perception

Previous WordPress blogs and WebPages were built based on the assumption that users didn’t know their way around the web. The world is different in this day and age, toddlers spend their time playing games on Mom’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy creating their first online experiences; its okay to conclude that almost everyone knows where and how to find menus and CTA buttons. With that mindset, textures and designer labeling to guide users around your site is unnecessary for it’s clearly a no brainer to see why grid layout, content-headline separation, and simple fonts take a striving lead.

http://blog.pandora.com/ deserves merit for organizing a perfectly responsive, mobile-optimized, and totally user-friendly flat website design which has all of the key elements. This website portrays simplicity at its best with plenty of white space, relevant content, and charming images that captures a reader’s attention and inspire them to the core. First-time visitors and followers need to create a station above the fold, right in their home page saving you the trouble of even scrolling.

Click 1stwebdesigner.com/flat-web-design-inspiration/ for more Flat design inspiration

Is Flat Design a Passing Innovation or Here to Stay?

A tally of 68% of web designers concluded that flat design is here to stay, according to Web Designer Depot. The designers admit that the concept will grow and evolve-as it did with any Tech concept as an example first laptops and then Smartphones. At the end of the day users have a common demand for leading brands to meet their expectations in producing responsive, agile, fast, easy-to-use tools that enhance their daily lives.

Just building a website aren’t enough, you have to be up to date and on par with demands to have a good, competitive place in this fast-paced market. Assure that your pages are simple, with crisp, clean lines and exceptional content; it’s time for you to review your own web pages with a critical eye.

Most trends expire but anytime technology or web design models get faded, it will stimulate innovation. But its unpredictable on when it will arrive or how it will look like-so for now, it’s safe to claim that FLAT DESIGN is here to stay.

In this rapidly changing and always evolving marketplace staying ambitious isn’t easy. If you need help in building a beautiful responsive website please feel free to contact us at Extreme Web Design Sri Lanka.

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