2011 has been a very busy year for Google. A lot has changed and if you want to get more visitors to your website, you need to keep up with the latest updates. Below are the most important updates you should keep in mind.

Low quality websites are filtered

Google released many updates in ranking algorithms recently which tried to filter low quality websites from their search results.

Scraper websites or any website which has low quality content does not get high ranks anymore. Because of these changes in the latest Google algorithm changes, some sites have experienced a traffic drop of  70% or more.

To do: don’t try to promote your website with quick-fix solutions. Quality is more important than quantity.

Search has become social

Social impressions like the amount of Google +1 clicks, tweets and Facebook mentions now influence the position of websites on Google search result pages.

To do: add social sharing buttons to your website and encourage your website visitors to mention your website on social networks.

Search results are more than just links

most of the web pages shown on Google shows more than a list of 10 web pages. Search results not includes images, news and local information etc..

To do: use a holistic approach to promote your website: optimize the content of your web pages, get good backlinks to your website, offer local services, submit videos about your business to Google to make sure that your website gets listed in all possible places on Google’s result page.

Page speed has become a ranking signal

Web surfers tend to be more happier if they get what they want quickly as possible. Even though website speed is only a minor factor in Googles ranking algorithms, it makes sense to optimize the loading speed and performance in your website.

To do: make sure that your web design and web development is done properly to load as quickly as possible.

It’s not just Google: Yahoo/Bing is getting more important

Although we all know that Google has the biggest market share, Yahoo and Bing has a combined market share of 33%. So if you are not getting 33% of traffic from Yahoo and Bing you should start to optimize your website for these search engines as well.

To do: if you want to get 33% more visitors, optimize some of your pages for Yahoo/Bing.

A lot of things have changed recently and we continually update our optimization techniques and be up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes.  If you need help to optimize your website feel free to contact us at info@extreme.web.lk or call us at +94773155222 to speak to one of our seo consultants.

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