When it comes to launching a new website, there are many areas that you need to be focused on, for example, using the right SEO strategies to gain a head start from your competitors. Therefore, to help you get a better understanding in this area, we have come up with a list of six SEO tips that could help kick start your campaign. Today, we will discuss the first SEO tip for launching a new website.


1. Having a Reasonable Goal in Mind

Having a reasonable goal in mind refers to whether you choose to spend lots of time fine-tuning your campaign yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you. For this, you will first have to get an understanding that this decision will be dependent on your strategy, resources and competency.

It would take almost up to a year, with consistent optimization applied in order to secure the more competitive keywords. Therefore, it is important that you understand the competitive thresholds for your keywords and the degree of trust required for your website to “break loose” and start climbing over competitors.

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With today’s competitive landscape and the challenging nature of it, those who are easily discouraged and seeking short-term gratification can be overwhelmed due to the range of competitors fighting for topical relevance and keyword positioning.

Any given keyword will have just ten spots available; and depending on whether those keywords are candidates for commerce, would eventually determine the number of companies, businesses or individuals that will have them locked in their sights.

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The main idea is to initially target keywords that are within your reach, and then build the more competitive keywords into the site architecture, link structure, and off page SEO in order to brand each page with a purpose, which then leads to the next point.

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